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There is everything you’ve ever imagined and wished for. It’s the place you’ve dreamed about; it’s all the good things in life, and if you can’t find them, you can make them. It’s a place where your spirit can soar and you can fly - literally.

There was created to take online communication to a new level, allowing people to incorporate emotion, body language, and even voice into real-time communication with one another - just like in real life.

There is a place where you look on the outside the way you look on the inside. Feeling awesome today? You can look awesome. Feeling like you want to make some heads snap around? You can look knock-down gorgeous or totally buff. Best of all, everyone is friendly. They’re either an old friend, a new friend, or a friend waiting to be made. People from all over the world have joined There and grown it into a diverse community with something exciting to offer almost anyone.

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